Tell Me What You Think About the VRAP Program

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Stay Tune For My Update Tomorrow

After going through two months of absolute non-sense, my experiment with VRAP has it a new low. I got a let today from the VA terminating my benefits. Thank you Austin Community College for your support. Austin Community College Veterans department is a joke. Stay tune for the details tomorrow.

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What A Mess…

Here is my situation. I just received my August check for $196., and a letter from the VA saying I would receive $1475 in October, and $1565 in November and nothing in December because of my hours that I am taking. I am going to Austin Community College as a full time student taking four classes but because the instructor decided to make the course 8 weeks instead of 16 weeks I am being penalized for the course. 
Then I am suppose to register for the next semester October 30, and pay for my books and registration and I haven’t finished paying for this semester. I was following the rules for VRAP. I was unemployed now the school VA person is saying I can be employed and I said, “show me”, and they cannot show me anything, and I don’t want to lose my certificate to go to school under VRAP. 
Its a mess. And I just don’t know what to do….your help is appreciated.
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Went to my school today and found out that once your enrolled and accepted into the VRAP Program you can go to work. You only have to be unemployed when you apply.

I also found out that your monthly stipend of $1450 is based on your hours for the month and that your a certified as a full time student. So my August payment was $196.50 and now I am tryin to figure out how to Payton rent.

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Texas Veterans Commission Visit

Today I visited the Texas Veterans Commission and I must say they are about helping the veteran. Their are some incredible education and business programs coming up to help veterans get started in business and school programs.

I want to thank them also for listening to me about my issues with the new VRAP program for veterans. Their are some issues that are really gonna need to be worked out with the schools.

They asked me to put together an outline of my issues and send them to the Education department.

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Frustration Is Beginning to Set In

Lets see how can a vet really make this program work? I just got informed that my first check should be coming in 3-5 days if I have direct deposit. Well fortunately I do have that. But, here is the problem, its for $196.50. Let me think about this you have to be unemployed pay for your books, tuition, pay rent and buy food on $1495. Can someone explain the math behind this? Not only am I not getting the full amount I wont being getting another check until November. So now I am behind on my tuition payments, cant buy a class book or pay rent. If there are any vets out there having this problem let me know.

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School Needs to Send In Paper Work

I decided to call the Veterans Administration tonight instead of waiting. After about a 10 minute hold, a young lady came on the line and asked how she could help me. I told her my problem and she asked me for a little information and in no time I was back to were I thought I was. I gave her my information for my direct deposit and I was done. Except…. when I asked her if all my paperwork was complete. Then you could have heard a pin drop, she informed me that my school Austin Community College had not turned in my paperwork to get my monthly allowance.

Now understand, I have been going to school for 3 weeks, doing homework, stressing over this online courses and now I find out I am not registered by the school. Well I guess I need to go back to my favorite person the VA representative at the school.

Stay tune for further details.

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New Address…

Are you kidding me, two things in one day. This one is pretty funny, but another please…

So today I get in my school email address that my student financial card was undeliverable to my house because the address was wrong. I am thinking I get my VA stuff, my promo stuff from the college but I don’t get my financial card. The email says go on line and print out this form and fax it in. I am like let me understand this…I HAVE to register for school online, make payments online, I take all of my courses online, turn in my homework online, everything is online, yet I CANNOT change my address online, I have to print this form in or go to the college!

Well I don’t have a fax, so I go to the college with the letter I got from the VA about my direct deposit. The clerk tells me that the letter from the VA is not a document that verifies my residence. I said, are you kidding me? It has my address on, the school name on, the last 4-digits of my social and I gave them my school photo ID. And the guy said not that won’t work, you need to print out and electric bill. I need to go over to the computers online that the school provides and connect to my electric company and print out a copy of my electric bill.

I am thinking this is crazy, but hey I go over to the computer and print out the bill go back to the admissions desk and give them a copy of my electric bill, and in two minutes I am done! Wow, it took me driving to the school and going online to my electric company to do an address change a waste of almost 1!

Hey the life and time of a VRAP student!

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VA Change Notice

Ok, today I got a notice from the Veterans Administration that I would be receiving my benefits check in the mail instead of Direct Deposit! I am like what the heck is going on I never changed anything. So I called the VA at the number they provided and I need to schedule and appointment for them to call me back the next day due to the increased volume of calls. Ok, I did that. So then I email the Veterans Rep at my school and she said she has nothing to do with my money and I needed to call the VA office. I am like well what is your purpose again at the school. This has not been a great experience with the VA rep at the school. Not that I think she is a bad person, but she is not engaged in what veterans needs are at my age.

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Humvee to ACC

Veterans Appreciation and Open House at ACC Cypress Creek.
Wow what a great opportunity for veterans. I have met a lot of great people here today. Lots of good information. And they served lunch


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